Beijing Hutong Breakfast Tour

USD $55.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)

Sample up to 15 dishes and several drinks across 7 locations on this walking tour of Beijing’s historic hutongs. Exploring a historic hutong best seen on foot, this tour covers everything from the history of Beijing to daily life at the market.


Beijing can feel like a fortress, and we’re not talking about its massive walls or population. In a city that feels endless, with a formidable history and sizeable language barrier, it’s tricky to get a glimpse of real life here.

For a few hours, pull back the curtain and live in the real Beijing. See the sights and smells that have been a long-time mainstay in Beijing’s hutongs, and start your morning the way millions have for generations. With at least 7 different stops, you’ll get a broad taste of the real Beijing, from super-traditional breakfasts to our trendy coffee house scene. See a local market, eat in tiny holes in the walls, and try over a dozen different breakfast items Beijingers love.


  • Discover how varied Beijing's breakfast staples are, from sweet Beijing yogurt to distinct mungbean soup - a Beijing-only pastime for generations.
  • Walk through a neighborhood built over 700 years ago, and hear the unique stories behind doorway art and stone relics centuries old. You won't find any tourists here.
  • Try Chinese donuts that are a popular breakfast for Beijingers at a tiny shophouse that sells out daily. Another favorite here? Soybean milk.
  • Visit a local market street and sample popular street foods like baozi and Halal beef soup.
  • Jianbing is taking the world by storm, but we think the best is found right here in Beijing, so we'll visit one of our favorite stalls in the entire city.
  • End your morning at a local coffee shop overlooking iconic hutong tiled rooftops and revel in one of the most historic areas of the capital.