Beijing Hutong Evening Food Tour

USD $85.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)

Try Han, Mongol, Muslim Hui, and Imperial Cuisine during this tuktuk serviced odyssey of Beijing’s cuisine. Travel through the historic hutongs and visit Beijing’s most authentic, off the beaten path restaurants. Try specialty dishes with legends larger than the restaurant’s menu. Unlimited beer, soft drinks, and food are included.

About This Tour:

Seafood chowder, “Kung Pao” chicken, and beef steak with tomato sauce: 3 of the 8 courses served to the American president during his Beijing visit in 2017.

We can do much better.

Here’s your Beijing dinner itinerary: you get an email with directions to meet us at a central subway station. Within moments, there’s a cold beer in a custom coozie in your hands (you’re welcome). You’re knee to knee with 3 other intrepid eaters in a tuktuk winding through hutongs centuries-old. You have no idea where you’re going, which way is North, and your Google Maps don’t work. Your gut is telling you that you’re hungry, but also that you’re about to have an excellent time. Trust it.

What You'll Do:

  • Try baijiu, unlimited beers, and much more on this tuktuk serviced exploration of all the major cuisines in Beijing.
  • Of all the noodle dishes, try the one that earned the accolade “Beijing Noodles,” in a restaurant so hidden its literal name is “very hard to find.”
  • Grill your own heaping plates of marinated meats and veggies in the style of Mongolian Nomads who brought the word “hutong” to this city.
  • Ever been to a Muslim dive bar? Come with us to try the favorite dish of the Empress Cixi, also known as the Dragon Empress.
  • Finish off your dinner coaxing 3 or 4 more courses of ceremonious food, including authentic Kung Pao chicken, tucked into one of the oldest Hutong courtyards in Beijing.
  • End the night with a pint amongst the patrons of Beijing’s emerging craft beer scene. All brewed in-house and catered to the tastes of China’s growing, hip middle class.