Chengdu Evening Food Tour by Tuktuk

USD $69.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)

30% of all restaurants in China serve Sichuan cuisine, making it the most popular Chinese cuisine in China. In the world of food, that’s definitely a big deal. Come and see the best the capital of Sichuan cuisine has to offer, on a tour designed by our founder Ruixi Hu, who is born and raised here in Chengdu. This tuk-tuk tour includes unlimited food, beer, and soft drinks where you’ll try at least 10 dishes across 4+ stops, plus one local bar.

What You'll Do:

  • Meeting Location: This tour starts at Yushuang Road Subway Station. An email will be sent with detailed meeting location details immediately after booking.
  • Cruise the City: Enjoy unlimited local beer, water, and soft drinks while exploring Chengdu’s backstreets by tuktuk to discover all of our favorite spots for Chengdu’s best food.
  • Chengdu Street Crepes: This classic local street food comes in one of 4 flavor profiles: sweet, salty, spicy, and strange. Pick your poison(s) and discover this addictive treat that is unique to Chengdu at a street-stall-turned-shop that has served up strange (and everything else) for over 30 years.
  • Sichuan-style Wontons: These dumplings are every local’s favorite and come in 5 flavors. Learn why locals call them “Chaoshou,” and test your spice threshold at a family restaurant where they’re made to order by the same hands that have been folding them for generations. 
  • All the Noodles: Originally served on the street by men who carried the ingredients around on bamboo poles, Dandan noodles are possibly the OG hawker dish. We’ll try a classic Dandan recipe along with a variety of other local favorite Chengdu noodle dishes.
  • Classic Sichuan Dishes: Sample local delicacies and classic Chengdu dishes, like Mapo Tofu swimming in a bowl of numbing and spicy chili oil (don’t worry, there’s plenty of not-so-spicy dishes here as well).​
  • Local Plum Wine: Try locally made Chengdu spirits in a 70s-80s themed bar that captures a unique turning point in China’s history. The bar is a 10 minute walk to the nearest subway station.
  • Plus more surprises!

About This Tour:

There are a million reasons Chengdu is an international food destination. It’s a UNESCO city of gastronomy. It’s the most popular Chinese cuisine in China. Not only is Chengdu the capital of Sichuan cuisine, but also the capital of eating out, with the highest per-capita ratio of restaurants, hot pot eateries, and teahouses in all of China. And at the same time, you could know all of this and yet know very little about food in Chengdu.

On this tour designed by our founder (and Chengdu native) Ruixi Hu, travel through her hometown by tuktuk and encounter spots you could never find on your own for a mix of street food, sit-down restaurants, and family-run joints. In the capital of all things cultured, delicious, and unique, visit the eateries that took her a lifetime to discover on our very special evening food tour.