Xian Morning Market & Food Tour by Tuktuk

USD $55.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)

The Muslim quarter is full of eateries that consistently sell out before lunch, one of China’s oldest and largest markets, and sensory experiences you have to be there in person to believe. See how many times you can be surprised in 3 hours on this morning tour that covers Xian breakfast staples you won’t find anywhere else in China.

About This Tour:

There’s the side of the Muslim quarter for tourists (you’ll know it when you see it), and then there’s the side of the Muslim quarter that isn’t. And because the former isn’t trying to woo any repeat customers, you know the food is 1000% better at the latter.

How does one of China’s oldest markets start their day? The heart of the Muslim quarter is its spice market, and that bounty radiates outwards in delightful surprises you definitely owe it to yourself to try.

Beyond that, learn about the vendors and chefs that make up this community, who are a vibrant part of continuing the legacy of this famous market that has stood the tests of time. At the end of the Silk Road, Xian has the definitive say in how three continents and 11 thousand kilometers can crescendo in flavor. It’s something you’ll have to taste to believe.

What You'll Do:

  • Fly through hidden streets and alleys by tuktuk to visit eateries that only locals visit, away from all the tourists.
  • Your first course are savory beef pancakes. Beef is seasoned with fennel, star anise, ginger, and other spices, then stuffed and friend in a flaky croissant-like layered bun.
  • Get a bowl of Xian’s favorite breakfast: a 13-spice soup with meatballs, and whatever root vegetables are in season. All ingredients you’ve had before, but together? A new thing entirely.
  • Wander through one of China’s biggest and oldest markets with a guide who can speak the local language.
  • Persimmons are one of China's favorite fruits, and since they're local to Xian we have the best fried persimmon cakes.
  • End the tour trying to squeeze in the best bowl of noodles you’ve ever had. They will haunt you forever - don’t say we didn’t warn you.