Shanghai Evening Food Tour

USD US$ 69,00
  • Varighet: 3 Timer (ca.)

In 1936, half of Shanghai was controlled by foreign powers. For decades, its had a negative birth rate and millions of immigrants, meaning the inheritance of the true cuisine of old Shanghai is limited to select insiders. On this tour, you’ll try at least 10 dishes and enjoy unlimited beers and soft drinks on your journey through the clandestine cuisine of old Shanghai, hiding in plain sight in the French Concession.

About This Tour:

Shanghai is a mind-bendingly huge modern metropolis, carved up by foreign occupiers since the 19th century and modernized at lightning speed over the last 3 decades. Through it all, there’s been a subculture of resistance and the preservation of Chinese tradition; totally hidden behind modern facades or tiny alleyways.

The clue even lies in the name: did you know that the word for old-Shanghai cuisine is now “Benbang” meaning local? Local, as opposed to outsider. Think about that, a food culture that’s chosen its name and identity in relation to foreigners in their own homeland. And when you walk around, there’s plenty of outsider food on display – but where do the insiders eat? (Hint: With us. It’s with us.) Characterized by meticulous presentation, delicateness, and a refined use of quality ingredients, this insider’s cuisine is truly an art form you don’t want to miss.

What You'll Do:

  • Explore the hidden, quiet streets of Shanghai's French Concession with your local guide.
  • Soup dumplings are probably Shanghai’s most famous export; gain a literacy in how to read the quality of them in a hidden eatery that can compete with the touristy Michelin star restaurants.
  • Two words: Pork Belly. Shanghai’s favorite dish takes an entire day to prepare for a good reason; come learn why. Or don’t learn maybe, it’s hard to focus on anything else while you’re eating it.
  • Benbang cuisine celebrates high quality ingredients with complex condiments; eat at a farm-to-table restaurant that serves produce picked that day.
  • Try “The Goddess of Mercy” dessert at a restaurant that’s the epitome of a hole in the wall; it’s so secret it’s only open a few hours at night and only accessible through a tiny window.
  • End the night with a locally made craft beer and enjoy the new modern feel Shanghai is known for around the world.