Phnom Penh Morning Market & Breakfast Food Tour

USD $39.00
  • Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)

See how Cambodians wake up and start their day with a morning market and breakfast tour by tuktuk.  Discover hidden foodie gems, enjoy some amazing local coffee, and experience the vibrant Khmer culture – this is your chance to kick off your day like a local, with a local!

About This Tour:

Perhaps one of the most storied capital cities in the world, Phnom Penh and risen and fallen multiple times since it was first established in the 5th century. The bustling city you see today, developing at warp speed and home to over 2 million people, was a very different place just decades ago - and locals still prefer their traditional way of life.

Those traditions are still strong, and best seen exploring our vibrant local streets in the morning. Try a selection of freshly prepared sesame donuts, one of Cambodia's most popular morning snacks. Discover our favorite Bai Sach Chrouk (pork with rice) vendor in Phnom Penh to see why it's THE breakfast for locals. And watch Banh Chev (savory stuffed pancakes) prepared fresh-to-order, radiating with their classic tumeric-yellow color.

While the city is known for its markets, the truth is that many of them these days cater only to tourists. But traditions are strong if you know where to find them, and we'll visit a less-traveled market to see what locals buy and walk away with a souvenir of our own.

And don't forget the local coffee, seasonal fresh fruit and juice, and a dessert that's nothing like you've ever had before. All while cruising through our favorite neighborhoods in Phnom Penh by tuktuk.

What You'll Do:

  • Meet Aunt Om who freshly prepares sesame donuts, one of Cambodia's most popular morning snacks, and see the passion she has to give each customer a smile.
  • Pork & rice is by far the go-to breakfast for locals...but there's so much more than what's in the name. Grab a stool and sit street-side to find out why.
  • Stroll through a bustling open-air market, try what's in-season, and walk away with a handmade souvenir - on us!
  • Savory crepes prepared with ground pork, garlic, turmeric, coconut milk, and eggs, then eaten by hand in lettuce wraps. Enough said.
  • Visit our favorite neighborhood joints and truly experience breakfast the local way. These are off the beaten path hidden gems.
  • Finish with a signature coffee recipe that won this hip cafe the National Barista Gold Medal in Cambodia!