Old-Shanghai Breakfast Tour

USD $49.00
  • Duration: 2 Hours (approx.)

See how Shanghai locals start their day with some of the best breakfast China has to offer. Enjoy unlimited food and drinks and try at least 10 dishes on this walking tour of Old Shanghai’s local cuisine.

About This Tour:

In a land where breakfast is the most important meal, try over 10 items and see how locals in the biggest city in China start their day. Many of our favorite breakfast dishes are enjoyed throughout China, but we’ve only featured them on our Shanghai menu because they’re simply the best we’ve tasted.

Shanghai’s history of migration has brought the best to this international city with household dishes like: scallion pancakes, jianbing (savory stuffed breakfast crepes), and sesame bread. The best news? They’re all within walking distance from each other, tucked away in historic old Shanghai.

What You'll Do:

  • Walk through historic, tourist-free streets, alleys and markets to see how the locals live in China's biggest city.
  • Try scallion pancakes; freshly rolled dough folded into layers with scallions. The result? Flaky, chewy, crunchy goodness that only a master’s technique can achieve.
  • Jianbing is a stuffed breakfast crepe so beloved it’s found everywhere in China (and beyond), and this one is hands-down the best we’ve had.
  • Shengjianbao: half crispy, half soft potstickers, described by one reddit user as “Xiaolong bao on steroids” and a journalist from the New York Times on our tour as “the best I've had.”
  • Sweet Sesame flatbread, often stuffed with sweet fillings like red bean or black sesame, is the perfect accompaniment to fresh soy milk for breakfast.
  • End the tour at a beautiful temple eatery for some sweet treats.